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Episode Notes

In this episode, I’m covering seven action steps you can use to give your health, fitness and lifestyle a checkover. We can all improve in one or more of these areas. Get these right and you are going to be well on your way to improving your physical and psychological wellbeing.

As Richard Feynman said: “The first principle is you must not fool yourself..” I cover some of the questionnaires we use as doctors and that you can also use to give your health a quick check. They don’t take long but they’ll ensure you are not kidding yourself.

You can sign up and download the full Healthy Bloke Action Plan at

Action Step #1 Weight loss 02:08
Action Step #2 Getting exercise 10:19
Action Step #3 Eating right 16:26
Action Step #4 Loneliness 21:50
Action Step #5 Mental health and depression 25:20
Action Step #6 Getting sleep 29:26
Action Step #7 Managing alcohol 33:03


Campaign to End Loneliness website
Campaign Against Living Miserably

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