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Episode Notes

How does using technology and Strava affect your running? Do you use it to get fitter? What impact does it have on your training or how you feel about yourself? Could you be dependent on the tech and is it making you feel worse? In this episode, I talk to Andy Cottrell who has been doing research into wearable technology at Leeds Beckett University.

We cover lots of different areas, from Stebbins’ Serious Leisure Perspective and the social worlds framework. Andy also talked about how people ‘specialise’ within a community and he talks about the quantified self movement.

Andy’s research offers a fascinating insight into our motivation, goal setting and other behaviours can all be influenced by technology. It’s tremendous research and he describes the five themes he pulled out of his qualitative analysis of interviews with a series of runners. You can catch up with Andy on Twitter: @speedgonzaeles

“Self-knowledge through self-tracking with technology”
Gary Wolf


The Serious Leisure Perspective and background on Robert A Stebbins.
Quantified Self Movement Wikipedia page
Self Determination Theory

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