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Episode Notes

In this episode I have an interview with Bevan James Eyles.

I’m a big fan of Bevan. If you looked at Bevan’s achievements over nearly two decades you might just assume he is one of those lucky blokes who were just sorted. Not the case. Listen to hear Bevan tell of where he started from. But, the first thing I do want to highlight is all his achievements. He’s been working in the fitness industry since 1999 and is a multi award winning fitness instructor. He has competed at Ironman triathlon at the highest levels, he was a pro. He’s still heavily involved in triathlon with the hugely popular podcast IM Talk. He’s written a great book The Fitness Attitude. And, more than anything, he’s a man who has a clear sense of purpose, a mission, to help people get fitter and address their fitness behaviours.

We talk about ‘self-tools’ and the mechanisms we use to help manage our behaviours around fitness. Those include ‘black and white rules’ and action triggers. We talk about how Bevan uses some quiet reflection and writing in the morning to ‘pre-win the hard moments’ and how you can future-think your day. We discuss some of the challenges in the fitness industry when it comes to helping the unfit, how we don’t help ourselves by being tempted by six-pack aspirations, and what qualities you should look for in your fitness professionals. How many of you would have said ‘community builders’? With discussion about irregular ‘in-out’ exercisers there is a wealth of advice to help with your own fitness behaviours.

Check out his own podcast, get the book, soak up his stuff. I’ve benefited enormously from Bevan’s insights and applied them to my own life and I hope you do too.

Catch up with Bevan on Twitter @BevanJamesEyles and Instagram @bevanjameseyles. His own website is


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