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Blokeology mental health logoIn a nutshell: Misogyny damages women but it is also associated with harmful behaviours in the men themselves.

Misogyny is, unsurprisingly, known to be bad for women. They face threat of physical, sexual and psychological abuse. Yet, not all that much is known about the damage it does to men themselves.

This study in Tijuana, Mexico tried to dig deeper. They took 400 men and measured their misogynistic attitudes and also looked at factors like substance misuse, mental health, and education.

Low levels of education and being unemployed were associated with more misogynistic attitudes. There was also a significant association with heroin use in the previous four months and with depressive symptoms. As an association it is impossible to know from this study if one caused the other – but they commonly occur together.

The men in this study were already selected from a subset of men who were engaging in high risk sexual and substance use behaviour. It was part of an intervention known as Hombre Seguro “Safe Men”. Much less is known about how to address misogynistic attitudes in men. This paper doesn’t propose any but it does remind us that misogyny is a problem for everyone.

And, if you want to check out the kind of items involved in a Misogyny Scale here’s a snippet of the results.

Fleming, P. J., Patterson, T. L., Chavarin, C. V., Semple, S. J., Magis-Rodriguez, C., & Pitpitan, E. V. (2018). Are men’s misogynistic attitudes associated with poor mental health and substance use behaviors? An exploratory study of men in Tijuana, Mexico. Psychology of Men & Masculinity, 19(2), 314-318.

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