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Episode Notes

In this episode, we continue with the fourth instalment of Summer Shorts for the month of August. The episodes have all been around ten minutes long as it’s time to get outside, enjoy the open air, take our holidays, and most importantly, catch up on some reading. So, as before, this Summer Short will cover a couple of books that are recommended and one book that I’m going to be reading myself.

This week we take a dive into some books around masculinity.

The Descent of Man by Grayson Perry
You may have seen Perry around. Wears a dress, slightly odd bobbed hair? This is a disarmingly brilliant book about masculinity. Thoroughly engaging, he cuts through all the flannel with consummate ease.
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Man Up: Surviving Modern Masculinity by Jack Urwin
This is an easy primer on some of the toxic masculinity concerns facing men. It’s a win-win situation. Men will feel better and everyone else in the world, specifically women, won’t have such a bad time of it either. Read it.
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Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates
This is the one I will read this summer. Because how can do you do anything about misogyny as a bloke if you don’t face up to it? And I want to understand the world my daughters will live just a little better.
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