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Episode Notes

In this episode, I tackle regression to the mean and it’s a chance to fine tune your BS detectors and understand this common phenomenon that doesn’t get enough attention. Don’t get conned into thinking medications or other interventions are working. And perhaps you might think twice before calling for your football team’s manager to be sacked as well. I also talk about a new paper in the BJSM about strength training and the strong evidence that is emerging on its value for preventing injuries – if you are not already then strength training of some sort should be on your list of things to incorporate into any exercise programme. And, finally, I mention Robert Webb’s book that is now out in paperback and a rather cool app, Forest, that gamifies the Pomodoro method.

(Dept of Error: The research paper is from the British Journal of Sports Medicine and not the British Journal of General Practice as I say in the podcast. Sorry BJSM!)

How Not To Be A Boy by Robert Webb
Amazon link


BJSM: Strength training as superior, dose-dependent and safe prevention of acute and overuse sports injuries: a systematic review, qualitative analysis and meta- analysis

Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski

Forest app: (Apple and Android)

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