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Episode Notes

Dr Simon Tobin is a GP in Southport and a Parkrun Ambassador for Health and Wellbeing. He has lots of stories of the amazing power of Parkrun to transform lives and it’s about a lot more than running a 5K. It’s really all about community; Parkrun gets people moving and it can also stop them being social isolated and it can help tackle loneliness. And the best thing: it’s a grassroots bottom-up organisation driven by volunteers and enthusiasts with no agenda to make a profit.

Amongst other stories listen to Gary’s tale and the transformative effect Parkrun had on his type 2 diabetes and life. We also hear about Kelly, a visually impaired Parkrunner, and Simon and I chat about guide running. And, Parkrun is also reaching into hard-to-reach groups like prisoners where it is having a remarkable impact for men like Alfy Kirkley who was involved with the HMP Haverigg Parkrun.

(I know Parkrun like to stylise their name without the capital. That’s fine, but it doesn’t half make it harder to read in prose – so I’m capitalising… my apologies to the people at Parkrun.)


Parkrun website:
Twitter: @parkrunUK
Simon Tobin on Twitter: @DocRunner1
Alfy Kirkley and the HMP Haverigg Parkrun
UK Athletics Guide Running Further Information

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