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Episode Notes

Anita Bean is an award-winning nutritionist and author. She specialises in sports nutrition and was a British champion bodybuilder in her 20s. She is an expert at taking the science of nutrition and presenting it in easily digestible chunks. In this episode we talk about healthy lifestyles and cover Vegetarianism 101. In the process, Anita tackles and busts some of the common myths around vegetarianism and offers a potful of tips for improving your diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.

We start with talking about walking, exercising, and being physically active

  • 10.00 Anita tells us about definitions around vegetarianism and plant-based diets
  • 16.30 Health benefits of vegetarian diets
  • 32.00 Myth busting: How vegetarians can get enough protein
  • 38.00 Myth busting: How vegetarians don’t get iron deficient
  • 41.20 Supplements for vegetarians and vegans
  • 51.00 Myth busting: Vegetarians aren’t necessarily tired and lacking in energy.


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