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Episode Notes

Jason Fitzgerald is a runner who has seen huge changes with strength training and helped many achieve results through his coaching and training. He’s been running the website since 2010 where there are tons of resources. He found strength training helped him recover from a serious ITB injury and he’s studied it in depth and put it into practice. He knows all about strength and conditioning for runners. We chat about why you would want to incorporate strength training – it will give you performance improvements but it will also make you more resilient with fewer injuries. We also talk in detail about some of the myths around strength training (and you’ll get plenty out of the chat even if running is not your bag). Strength training is an option for everyone: men and women.

Strength training has definitely been one of the biggest changes I’ve made in my physical activity over the past few months.There’s great evidence strength training is one of the single best ways to reduce the risk of injury. And some of the benefits and underlying gains are not just about being stronger: it can help you run more economically, improve coordination, and you’ll get wider health benefits as well. You don’t have to life weights either: you might do a bodyweight strength routine a couple of times per week and that will be tremendously beneficial. And, as we discuss in the podcast you are not going to build big muscles and bulk up with the compound, multi-muscle movements runners will be doing.

10 Feb Edit: if you downloaded this episode to your podcatcher and can’t hear my side of the interview then don’t throw out your headphones… I managed to mute my side of the audio in the final edit. It’s been fixed so just delete and re-download and all should be well. 


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