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Episode Notes

Vybarr Cregan-Reid has written a fascinating book on how our bodies are affected by the modern world and our current environment. He’s written extensively about running, movement, and the body. In many ways “modern life is rubbish”. It’s all covered in his most recent book Primate Change. We talk about modern diseases that didn’t exist thousands of years ago and how we need to appreciate how our lifestyles have changed us. Vybarr also wrote a wonderful account of running, Footnotes: How Running Makes Us Human, that draws on similar areas and Vybarr’s background as an academic in the humanities brings a unique perspective that will poke at your preconceptions. 

“The modern body is a work of art that is 10,000 years in the making”

Some areas covered:

  • How diseases like asthma and problems like chronic back pain are all products of modern life.
  • Why so many people are short-sighted – 85% of people in Singapore are now short-sighted because they live indoors.
  • Chairs, squatting and how modern life is rubbish for the glutes.
  • How ancient humans had denser (and therefore stronger) bones.
  • How we need to appreciate that how you can’t fully compensate for a sedentary life by doing exercise. But the people who do worse are always those who doing nothing.
  • How our current lifestyles might be a blip in humanity’s story.
  • How to introduce more walking into your life and how Vybarr gave up his car as a result of the research he did into the book, Primate Change.
  • How the pre-historic diet bears little resemblance to the diet and food environment we’re exposed to daily.
  • How our faces have been changed by modern life.
  • How Vybarr’s books have been love letters to the feet and their amazing biomechanical capabilities. He also talks about barefoot running but in his words: “barefoot running is not a religion”.


Vybarr Cregan-Reid website – Psychojography: Thoughts on running and the environment
Twitter: @vybarr
Primate Change on Amazon
Footnotes: How Running Makes Us Human on Amazon

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