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Episode Notes

Dr Judy Chu is a researcher who teaches a course on Boys’ Psychosocial Development at Stanford University in California. She has done some fascinating research into adolescents and younger boys examining gender socialisation, their development and relationships. She has fantastic insight into this field and we delve into masculinity issues that are relevant to all men. We talk about toxic masculinity and how that whole phrase is problematic, the pressures boys and men face to conform in society, and what we can all do to help make it a little better. 

She wrote a book, When Boys Become Boys, based on her research and you can check out her website for more posts that reveal a tremendous amount around masculinity and how young boys cope with identity and their place in society.

Editorial note:
Judy mentioned Zac Seidler in the podcast. There is also a Vic Seidler who works in the area of men and masculinities. Vic is based in the UK and Zac is based in Australia and it is Zac who is heading efforts to help practitioners to consider gender when engaging boys and men in treatment. Here’s the link to his project:


Judy Y Chu website

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