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Episode Notes

The occasional bet and ‘flutter’ is something the majority of the population does but severe problem gambling affects nearly 1% with terrible health consequences including increased risk of death and suicide. And, as well as those 400,000 affected in the UK two million are thought to be at risk of worsening problems. Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones knows as much about the challenges of problem gambling as anyone. She’s a London-based academic and consultant psychiatrist in addictions. We talk about the nature of problem gambling and how it affects people, and how we can help ourselves and others.

Advertising for betting is now everywhere, normalised to a worrying degree, and the public health response is gathering pace. Henrietta is Founder and Director of the NHS’s own National Problem Gambling Clinic and she has multiple national and international roles involved in prevention, research, treatment, and education on problem gambling. Her list of achievements is deeply impressive – check our her website to find out more on her work.


Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones website
BJGP Editorial: Should GPs routinely screen for problem gambling
How to get help on NHS Live Well: Problem Gambling

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