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Episode Notes

Pixie Turner is a passionate advocate for a science-based approach to food and she doesn’t forget the importance of it fitting with the rest of our lives: being active, sleep, and our mental health. She has gone from self-declared “wellness wanker” to registered nutritionist with a Masters degree to back it up.

We talk about clean eating and the anxiety associated with that pressure. She discusses how a hyper-focus on physical health can often be at the expense of mental health and she tells us how she broke out from the wellness blogging bubble and moved to a different perspective.

We have an important discussion about how we define ‘plant-based diets’ and Pixie points out there’s a crucial difference between plant-based and vegan. There is enormous flexibility within plant-based diets and we shouldn’t conflate them with veganism. Other areas we delve into include: the importance for healthcare professionals to be ‘diet neutral’; eating for aesthetic reasons; why dieting for weight loss is a problem; and food obsession, eating disorders and stigmatisation. Pixie also mentions the importance of psychology and self compassion. It’s a fantastic episode covering a lot of ground.


Pixie website: Plant-based Pixie
Pixie on Instagram: @pixienutrition
Pixie on Twitter: @pixienutrition
Interested in consulting with Pixie? Check out Pixie Nutrition
Instagram and orthorexia research paper: Instagram use is linked to increased symptoms of orthorexia nervosa
Kristin Neff on self-compassion.

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