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We don’t just eat because we are hungry. It’s a bit more complicated than that. Dr Charlotte Hardman is a researcher who knows all about the psychological determinants of appetite and eating behaviour. We talk about how we should approach food. She highlights how strictly controlling what you eat can then result in the disinhibition effect that traps us in cycles of restriction, bingeing, and negative emotions about ourselves. Crash dieting has a psychological impact as well as a physiological one. Charlotte details some of the impacts of low calories drinks and we delve into the evidence on diet drinks and how we eat. We talk obesity and blame culture; how obesity and mental health problems are associated in late childhood and adolescence; and the psychology of clearing your plate and normal portion size.

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Dr Charlotte Hardman: Department of Psychological Sciences, Liverpool University
Research paper: Guilt-free pleasures: Are low-calorie sweetened beverages helpful for the control of food intake?
Twitter: @charlottehardm3
BBC Radio Cumbria: The Gathering 03 July 2019
You, Me and the Big C: Putting the can in cancer

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