About Blokeology

With Minnie the Sprocker

Hey there,

I’m Euan Lawson and Chief Resident here at Blokeology. If you want the standard career kind of stuff then you can visit euanlawson.com.° This here is a little more informal.

Do you ever feel a bit overwhelmed with contradictory medical evidence?

Perhaps you want to get a little fitter? Every day the media seem to have a story that says the opposite to the day before. And, you are not sure what to trust. Not sure whether the latest fitness fad is worth your attention? Or maybe you have some general health problems and you would like to make decisions based on sound evidence.

Blokeology will help improve your heath, fitness, and allow you to make changes to your lifestyle but without the fog of hokum and flannel that is so difficult to penetrate.

I’ve been a doctor for over 20 years. (Ouch. It is hard to write that. I still feel like I haven’t decided what I’ll do when I grow up.)

Check out my post on Blokeology° if you want to know more about what it is and isn’t.

Some Random Facts About Me

I’m colour blind. I’m protanopic which means my red cones aren’t up to much at all. I’m a bit fascinated with colour vision deficiency and will bore anyone for a long time who is foolhardy enough to ask me “What colour is that grass then?”. It also means I refuse to acknowledge that purple is an actual colour. And I don’t see pinks very well. They just look a bit boringly grey unless I am up close.

I’ve been in two car wrecks. Actually wreck is a little on the dramatic side but both cars were write offs. The impressive bit is that on both occasions, the cars were stationary. It was a very windy night in Glen Coe…

I like cryptic crosswords. It’s a word thing. I’m out of practice these days but I have completed the Times crossword in the past. At least once.

I climbed the Matterhorn via the Hornli Ridge when I was 23 with a Glaswegian bloke called Fletch I had met a few days before. It took us 17 hours – which is outrageously slow. It’s about twice as long as it will take with a guide leading the way. Still, the key is to get up and down intact and we managed that. It’s also a minging pile of choss and, history aside, is one of the least pleasant climbs I’ve ever done.

It’s my ambition to get ‘blokeology’ into the Oxford English Dictionary.

I got married on a beach in Thailand less than five months after meeting my wife on a ski holiday.

I have no palmaris longus° muscle and tendon. I like to think it’s because I have reached a higher evolutionary status 🙂

When I was 18, I walked over the Thorung La, the 5400m pass, around the back of the Annapurna circuit in Nepal. I was wearing a pair of Doc Martens and some sports socks on my hands for mittens. It was several months before the feeling in the tip of my big toe came back. I will never forget the utter relief descending towards Muktinath. Young and stupid.

I broke my 5th metacarpal punching a mate to give him a dead leg. I was working for five days at a builders’ yard humping around bags of sand, cement etc until I realised the deformity on my hand wasn’t just a bit of swelling. Still young and stupid. This was before I went to Med School.

I have a crisp habit. My life will be complete when they bring back Phileas Fogg Authentic Tortilla Chips. Doritos are a pale imitation.

Other than crisps my two favourite foods in the world are Scottish tablet and white pudding. Eating either of them more than once a week could account for the Scottish cardiovascular problem.

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