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Alternatives to Amazon for book links

Many of the topics I write about come from the books I have read. Some of the subjects relate to academic papers and reports but I do love to read and there are some fantastic non-fiction books out there. Since the Blokeology website was created I’ve always used Amazon affiliate links when I’ve mentioned books. […]
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Blokeology: an update

Blokeology is all about an evidence-based approach to life and health. And the skepticism is a 'healthy' one - I hope it is a warm and inclusive skepticism rather than a combative and polarising influence. Blokeology is my effort to explore, in my own little corner of the internet, how to live a decent, healthy life that doesn't screw over too many other people and fits with the evidence.
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How can I avoid blisters when running?

I love this academic paper. It’s a great example of a topic that you might not even think to apply evidence. It’s an important one though: how can you avoid blisters when running? Worthing RM, Percy RL, Joslin JD. Prevention of Friction Blisters in Outdoor Pursuits – A Systematic Review. Wilderness Environ Med 2017;28:139–49. I […]

The blokeology of colour blind cricketers

Ever wondered why you are rubbish at cricket? Perhaps you are are colour blind. With 8% of the male population known to be colour vision deficient in some way, seeing a red ball against a green background isn't always easy. And there is some research to back up your claims that you need to field close when they try to send you down to cow corner.

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