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Treating heel pain with orthoses

In a nutshell: There's not much evidence orthoses are any better for heel pain than anything else.
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Avoiding exercise-associated hyponatraemia

In a nutshell: Drinking to thirst is the best strategy.
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Foot pronation and injury risk

In a nutshell: Novice runners who were found to be 'pronators' are not more likely to get injured.
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How can I avoid blisters when running?

I love this academic paper. It’s a great example of a topic that you might not even think to apply evidence. It’s an important one though: how can you avoid blisters when running? Worthing RM, Percy RL, Joslin JD. Prevention of Friction Blisters in Outdoor Pursuits – A Systematic Review. Wilderness Environ Med 2017;28:139–49. I […]
Eight Essential Running Books for Blokes

Eight essential running books for blokes

Here are my eight essential running books for blokes. Of course, there are many more out there but this little collection will give you a start, offer you some inspiration, and give you some techniques and approaches to get you fitter as well. If you’ve not read these already then I recommend you add them to your list.

Don’t Let The Best Case Fallacy Sabotage Healthy Behaviours

The best case fallacy highlights that the default human state is incurable optimism and it applies to almost human activities. Here’s the problem: You probably don’t think it applies to you. But it does and understanding it will help drive healthy behaviours. Whether it's getting more active or reducing the risk of injury you need to tackle the best case fallacy.

Running injuries: who is most likely to get injured?

Developing a consistent running habit isn't going to happen if you are injured. A review of the evidence suggests the groups most likely to pick up running injuries.

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