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Wearing a yellow bicycle jacket to reduce accidents

In a nutshell: High visibility clothing seems to reduce your risk of accidents on a bicycle.
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Treating heel pain with orthoses

In a nutshell: There's not much evidence orthoses are any better for heel pain than anything else.
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Avoiding exercise-associated hyponatraemia

In a nutshell: Drinking to thirst is the best strategy.
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Misogyny and mental health

In a nutshell: Misogyny damages women but it is also associated with harmful behaviours in the men themselves.
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FODMAP and dodgy guts on ultraruns

In a nutshell: A low FODMAP diet could help runners who get problems with severe GI symptoms during races.
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Digital rectal examination for prostate cancer screening

In a nutshell: A finger up your bum to examine your prostate is not a great way to screen for prostate cancer. We need better screening options. 

Late presenting cancer and colour vision

In a nutshell: If you are colour blind then you are more likely to present with later stage bladder cancer.
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Foot pronation and injury risk

In a nutshell: Novice runners who were found to be 'pronators' are not more likely to get injured.

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